5th Forum Report

May 14, 2009 at International Conference Hall, Kidanren Kaikan

To all participants,

SPAC would like to express our deepest appreciation to all the participants for attending at the 5th Satellite Positioning and Geospatial Information Forum.
With your support, approximately 350 persons including guests participated and SPAC could accomplish the Forum successfully.

If you have any comments or requests for the Forum ( e.g. about speech, management of our forum and etc.), please inform us through this form*, we are very much appreciated.

SPAC will promote 6th Satellite Positioning and Geospatial Information Forum on November 11, 2009.
We are looking forward to seeing you in the Forum and asking for your continuous support and advice.

Best regards,
SPAC Forum Secretariat

May 14, 2009 at International Conference Hall, Kidanren Kaikan

Forum material
(1) Opening Remarks:
Mr. Hiroshi Kuwahara, Chairperson, SPAC

(2) Guest Speech:
Mr. Masatoshi Ishida,
The House of Representatives member
Senior Vice Minister of Finance

(3) Special Speech:
Mr. Masafumi Nomura,
Counselor, Cabinet Secretariat
(4) Special Speech:
Mr. Jitsuro Terashima
Honorary Chairman, Japan Research Institute
< Break > 30min.
Commendation for ideas competition.
(5) Plenary Speech: QZSS project status:
Mr. Koji Terada, QZSS project manager, JAXA
(6) SPAC report:
SPAC activities:
Senior Executive Director, SPAC
Planning of application demonstration utilizing QZSS in private sector:
Professor emeritus, Akio Yasuda,
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology,
Chairman, Application Promotion Committee, SPAC
GNSS committee activities:
Dr. Takuji Ebinuma,
Chairman, GNSS committee, SPAC
(7) Closing Remarks:
Mr. Ichiro Taniguchi,
Chairperson, Space Activities Promotion Committee,
Japan Business Federation

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