Address Kikai-Shinkou-Kaikan Bldg.3F
3-5-8 Shibakoen,Minato-ku,Tokyo,105-0011
Phone +81-3-5402-4757  FAX +81-3-5402-4712
Establishment February 5th, 2007
Ministry of Supervision SPAC is non-profit Foundation supervised by Cabinet office, Government of Japan
Chairperson Dr.Atsuyuki Okabe
Secretary General Dr.Izumi Mikami
Objectives The objectives of the SPAC is to contribute to the achievement of advanced Geo-spatial Information society and the development of domestic industries and the international society by, aiming the wide-spread usage of Geo-spatial Information in industrial and economical fields, promoting research and application regarding next generation satellite-based positioning, navigation and timing(PNT) in the world in cooperation with related industries andorganizations, wide dissemination of above obtained knowledge, activating and promoting the business activities in Geo-spatial Information utilising PNT.
  1. Promotion of utilization and support of installations for Quasi Zenith Satellite System
  2. R&D and Promotion among GNSS for reliability and stability of satellite-based PNT.
  3. Promotion of R&D for application of Geo-spatial information using satellite-based PNT.
  4. Dissemination, educational activity and promotion of the business activities for the application of Geo-spatial information using satellite-based PNT.
  5. R&D and Standardization on technologies necessary to achieve promotion for satellite-based PNT application.
  6. Coodination for opinion and coments issued from economical and industrial fields concerning satellite-based PNT.
  7. Liaison and coordination among satellite-based PNT related GIS organizations using Geospatial Information Systems.
  8. Other related activities deemed necessary to achieve the above objectives.


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